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LIFE Health Centers is the leading detoxification and energy based wellness facility. We eliminate diseased cells holistically without surgery and medication. Our physician-provided services are either complementary to your existing or pre-planned physician-assisted treatment program or constitute a powerful standalone detoxification program for general health and wellness. Absolutely no other alternative or complementary facility offers the same level of expertise, proprietary science-based equipment, and systematized modalities as provided through the LIFE Health Centers.

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Lyme Disease Dictionary

Lyme Disease Vocabulary

What is Lyme Disease? Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the Unit...

2017 Lyme Disease Statistics

The CDC’s 2017 Lyme disease statistics are in: 42,743 “reported” cases. Using the CDC’s own ...

Vector Borne Pathogens Trace History To The Jurassic Period

Mosquitoes and ticks trapped in amber, still carrying ancient infections, yield important clues abou...

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Scott, New South Wales, Australia

Lyme Disease has ruined my life. I caught it when I was 40 and I'm 55 now. It ruins a father-son relationship. I surfed, fished, dived, and rode horses, and now I couldn't teach my son. I could hardly walk. It was frustrating and painful. It kept getting worse and ...

Kirk, WA

I got all of my energy back, I'm not feeling sore at all. I can do things I haven't done in two years. At the first treatment, I couldn't do anything. No, I just got back and feel better. I feel like I'm healed.