About Us

“At the LIFE Health Centers, we provide cutting-edge and research-driven treatment options designed to help patients regain their quality of life through effective and non-invasive methods.

Our whole-body hyperthermia treatment combined with PEMF, enzyme exercise, stem cell, is unique worldwide; providing effective and tangible results in a short period of time.

We believe in looking at patients holistically while providing the tools for our patients to continue the treatment at their homes in order to provide the most effective health outcomes.”

The LIFE Difference

We look at health conditions differently, because you deserve to have solutions that work, not empty promises.


LIFE Health Centers is the leading detoxification and energy based wellness facility. We eliminate diseased cells holistically without surgery and medication.

Our physician-provided services are either complementary to your existing or pre-planned physician assisted treatment program or constitute a powerful standalone detoxification program for general health and wellness.

Absolutely no other alternative or complementary facility offers the same level of expertise, proprietary science-based equipment, and systematized modalities as provided through the LIFE Health Centers.


To provide science-based, highly effective, non-invasive treatment modalities that extrapolate results far and above all other known treatments to restore and extend life and longevity.


We strive to have joy in our life and as a team we find joy in providing health to our patients. We use the learnings of molecular-biology, validated pubmed research and common sense to understand the principles that our body uses to heal and regenerate. We eagerly study and applied validated scientific medical treatment to human illness and consistently we find sustainable results that heal our patients.


Properly address chronic disease by mimicking and accelerating our body’s intelligence through non-invasive technology.

Our Values

Exercise character, consistency and communication at high levels with all those we serve to create and focus on truly connecting beyond a persons disease but on basic human levels we all need for optimal health and wellness.

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Although I was diagnosed with late-stage prostate disease, I felt there had to be a better alternative than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation — with their damaging side effects. And I wanted a treatment program that would allow me to keep the personal and professional commitments I had made, while still dedicating the necessary time to the treatments.

LIFE Health Centers allowed me to do that. Their treatment protocols required a substantial time commitment, but they have left me feeling better than I had in years, not worse, and the education and support I have received from the staff is priceless. With their coaching, I am now living an active, healthy lifestyle that is the best protection against any recurrence.

Clive, Utah

I have been suffering from Lyme Disease and a myriad of other issues for over five years. I have spent over $30,000 in search of treatments that would make a difference and get my life back. Although many of the treatments helped, I was still not 100% and not able to work full time. Finding the LIFE Health Centers was a dream come true, I am so grateful for their services and sincere desire to help each person get well.

Rikki, Washington