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Vector Borne Pathogens Trace History To The Jurassic Period

Mosquitoes and ticks trapped in amber, still carrying ancient infections, yield important clues about the spread of vector-borne diseases. The microorganisms that cause malaria, leishmaniasis and a variety of other illnesses today can be traced back at least to the time of dinosaurs, according to a study of amber-preserved blood-sucking insects and ticks. In addition …

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What NASA Research Tells Us About PEMF Therapy

Did you know that NASA research supports the efficacy of PEMF therapy? While astronauts have been sent to space for decades, you probably weren’t aware that astronauts would often feel sick upon their return to earth. NASA researched this for years, struggling to figure out what it was. How did NASA determine what the real problem was, …

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PEMF Treatment Research

Hyperthermia, Borrelia (Lyme) and Biofilms

Bacterial infections are responsible for over two million severe illnesses in the United States and are responsible for about 23 000 deaths annually.(1) A review published by Taylor Ibelli et al defined hyperthermia therapies as elevated temperatures applied locally, regionally, or to the whole body, for specific time intervals, that are routinely utilized in current …

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stages of biofilm lyme borrelia

Cancer and Hyperthermia treatments

Cancerous tissues are very susceptible. Heat can destroy cell membranes, effectively killing the cell. Heat also changes tumors’ microenvironment, making them more vulnerable to agents like chemo, radiation, or even vitamin C. Contact us at Life Health Centers for a consultation today. Hyperthermia—significant elevation of body temp—also can cause havoc, causing proteins to break down and harming …

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Hyperthermia and Natural Fevers

Life Health Centers offers multiple unique modalities that better equip your body to combat disease. One of those modalities is hyperthermia, the process of artificially inducing fever like temperatures in the body. The benefits of pumping the body up to fever-like temperatures have been well documented in research. Temperatures above body-temperature trigger a variety of favorable …

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Hyperthermia Treatment
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