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While it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, we want you to know that you don’t need to.

Start Your Journey To Healing

Congratulations on deciding to embark on your journey to healing at LIFE Health and Research Center in Bountiful, UT. Like most journeys, ours also starts with a guide. A LIFE Health patient advocate will reach out to help you navigate the first few steps of preparing treatment.

For now, your counselor will be your primary resource at LIFE Health. Your patient advocate is available to answer your questions, introduce you to our integrative treatment programs and protocols, assist with your paperwork, and help you finalize arrangements as you continue preparing for treatment.

Upon arrival, you will meet one-on-one with a LIFE Health licensed physician for roughly two hours. During your appointment, we will evaluate your medical history, conduct an examination, and order laboratory tests if necessary. Our physicians will educate you on all your possible treatment options from conventional treatment, alternative treatments, or a combination of both.

Hyperthermia Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Located in Bountiful, Utah, LIFE Health is a premier medical facility providing advanced, research-based alternative medical treatments to patients needing to improve their health. With the most advanced clinical services and the latest technologies, we are able to bridge the gap that currently exists between conventional and alternative medicine.  Give us a call at 855-910-5809 if you would like more information or would like to speak to one of our patient advocates.

5 Steps To Become A LIFE Health Patient

While it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, we want you to know that don’t need too.

Schedule an interview with a patient advocate to see if you qualify for hyperthermia treatment at LIFE Health. Speak with someone in the next 24 hours by signing up for a free treatment consultation or call us now at 855-910-5809.

You will be put in touch with Liz, a fellow Lyme Warrior, who is committed to helping you in your quest for the right alternative approach to your health concerns. She will listen to your concerns and then give you information on how our modalities may be suited for your condition(s). We are confident you will enjoy every minute of this conversation as Liz is very knowledgeable about not only our modalities but functional medicine and most alternative options around the world.

It is very important we know exactly where your physiology stands when we do our exam and/or consultation with you. We may require specific tests that you have not previously had done and will offer a Functional Medicine interpretation of your blood work. Gathering this information before treatment allows us to also track our progress during and after a treatment course. This is very important in understanding your condition.

Since our treatment program is very thorough and illness knows no boundaries, many of our patients come from out of town and stay for several weeks. To make the most of this time with us, we want to help you schedule your treatment plan appropriately with consideration of your individual needs and budget. We have several options available.

Since our treatment program is very thorough and illness knows no boundaries, many of our patients come from out of town and stay for several weeks. To make the most of this time with us, we want to help you schedule your treatment plan appropriately with consideration of your individual needs and budget. We have several options available.

After you have been put into the clinic schedule, Kim will get you started on Phase 1 of the program, which is done at home prior to your stay with us. We have done our best to allow you maximum benefit in easy conditions and so have you prepare your cells, body, and mind before you come to see us.

Insurance Billing Policy

At LIFE Health, our goal is to offer continuing, optimum patient care without having a patient's treatment dictated by a third party; hence, we do not accept payment from insurance companies. Instead, we prefer to have a direct relationship with our patients and to give them the opportunity to make the final decision as to which treatments are most beneficial for them or for their children.

Patients are responsible for the cost of the appointment at the time of service.  While we are not in-network with any insurance providers, integrative medicine may be reimbursed at the out-of-network rate.

Daniel Lynch, President of Medical Bill Gurus
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For patients with private PPO insurance policies with out-of-network coverage, LIFE Health works with a 3rd party medical billing and patient advocacy company called Medical Bill Gurus. Sign up for a free case evaluation to learn if you qualify for insurance reimbursements or the insurance deposit program.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Lindsay's Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Hyperthermia For Lyme Disease Treatment In United States
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Holistic Lyme Disease Treatment with Hyperthermia in Utah
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Hyperthermia Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Lyme Disease Treatment for Children Testimonial
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"Although I was diagnosed with late-stage prostate disease, I felt there had to be a better alternative than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation — with their damaging side effects. And I wanted a treatment program that would allow me to keep the personal and professional commitments I had made, while still dedicating the necessary time to the treatments. LIFE Health Centers allowed me to do that. Their treatment protocols required a substantial time commitment, but they have left me feeling better than I had in years, not worse, and the education and support I have received from the staff are priceless. With their coaching, I am now living an active, healthy lifestyle that is the best protection against any recurrence.

Clive from Utah, Cancer Patient

"I have been suffering from Lyme Disease and a myriad of other issues for over five years. I have spent over $30,000 in search of treatments that would make a difference and get my life back. Although many of the treatments helped, I was still not 100% and not able to work full time. Finding the LIFE Health Centers was a dream come true, I am so grateful for their services and sincere desire to help each person get well."

Rikki from Washington, Lyme Disease Patient

"As Lymies know, we experience something most people are unable to grasp. Coming into Life Health Centers felt like meeting with family, which I had never felt at other clinics—it’s therapeutic. As time passed I started to see massive results neurologically, physically, and in other ways. When my father saw me for the first time since starting treatment, he began to cry. I’ve never seen him cry before, which shows how this disease and my results can break down walls and change relationships. I have seen more changes in three weeks here than in the last ten years combined. Sunshine has entered my life again.”

Carly Davis (Professional Snowmobiler), Lyme Disease Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe and rely heavily on the body’s intrinsic intelligence that will utilize natural resources as needed to increase function and rid the body of unwanted substances. Our modalities are designed to artificially replicate or motivate these processes in the body. With that, we cannot predict where the body will decide to do its work, but we do have confidence in our ability to target the whole body implying we have a great effect on any symptom or system.

As is custom with Lyme patients and Lyme treatments, Herxing is possible. However, we see very little in comparison to many other treatment options due to our ability to move carnage and die-off so effectively and efficiently. The Orchestra of Modalities at Life Health Centers is unique in that it offers specific combinations and sequencing for higher potential, truly making it an art as well as science, which increases the intensity and power. We look to detox symptoms as a great sign we are moving in the right direction.

Absolutely! We are proud of the success we see due to Whole-Body Hyperthermia to allow massive impact on biofilms stored in the blood and tissues—including the brain. In addition, we utilize specific catalyzing nutrients to help break biofilms down and eliminate it.

As MTHFR inhibits one’s ability to detox, our treatments are a great resource for those suffering. Mimicking very powerful detox capability, the G-Force and Health Pod allow those with MTHFR to not only restore some function but may even eliminate the issue altogether.

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Where Results Matter

Life Health and Research Center is the world leader in the use of whole-body hyperthermia for the treatment of Lyme Disease and Cancer. Our integrative treatment protocol is designed to naturally modulate your immune system with research-based integrative medical modalities to patients diagnosed with serious and complex medical conditions. At Life Health, our global technologies and personalized, proprietary treatments give way to science-based treatment options that help our patients outperform.

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