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Additional options for covering treatment

Help Covering The Cost of Treatment

At LIFE Health, we realize that not everyone has the financial means readily available for a long-term treatment plan. We also know that most insurance companies don’t cover healthcare costs for integrative treatments received at non-participating medical providers. We want you to know that there is plenty of financial help for patients seeking treatment. You still have the option to choose the treatment that resonates with you.

Below is a list of financial resources that may help to fund your healing journey. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or financial assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here and happy to help!

Medical Bill Gurus

Medical bills can quickly pile up throughout a cancer diagnosis. What if your existing policy should have covered treatment that you were not aware of, or didn’t realize they would? Good news! You may still be able to get coverage. The experts at Medical Bill Gurus can analyze your policy risk-free with no upfront fees. A trusted and valuable partner to our patients, they have seen great success getting bills covered by our patients’ PPO policies. To assess your policy or current medical bills, reach out to the Medical Bill Gurus here

Daniel Lynch, President of Medical Bill Gurus
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Health-Share programs (Samaritans Ministries)

Since the Affordable Care Act, there have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry. As a result, many Christian organizations have looked for ways to give people control of their healthcare choices again. Several non-insurance health-share companies have developed to provide members with the ability to seek the care they desire. More and more, we see patients come to our clinic without cost, covered by organizations like Samaritan Ministries. If you’re already a member of a health-share program, please reach out to them to discuss your coverage options.

Abacus Life Settlements

Abacus Life Settlements gives patients the option to use their life insurance to cover the treatment costs. An industry-leading life settlement buyer, Abacus has helped thousands use life insurance for present needs instead of future benefit. With a perfect BBB rating, they’re often able to pay out between 50% and 80% of a policy’s face amount. Many clients are able to receive their proceeds in less than 30 days. After receiving a settlement, it is yours to use however you want. From funding treatment to investing in the future, there are many ways to make your life insurance a living benefit. Click here to learn more about how Abacus can help fund your cancer care.
If you’d prefer to speak to an Abacus representative, please contact Myles Ganovsky at 407-988-1594; [email protected]


Fundraising can be a great option for those who cannot cover the cost of their treatment out of pocket. We have seen family, friends, and entire communities come together to support patients.


Personal crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe are a great tool for raising money. Several site users successfully fund medical expenses, from cancer treatments to heart transplants. If you need help funding medical costs for you or someone you care about, learn more about medical fundraising here


Applying for a personal loan is a simple way to alleviate immediate financial pressure and cover costs while receiving treatment. Below are a few of the lenders our patients have found to be helpful over the years.


LendingTree is an online loan marketplace with one of the largest lender networks in the nation. By letting consumers view offers from several lenders at once, LendingTree helps you get the best deal possible. To learn more or apply for a personal loan, visit LendingTree here.

SoFi Loans

An online-only lender, SoFi is able to keep expenses down and as a result, pass savings along to customers. Online applications allow you to get through information faster and waste less time. Looking beyond credit scores, SoFi also considers factors like cash flow, career, and education in the approval process. Find out your approved rate in minutes without affecting your credit score here.

Medical Loan Providers

Private lending providers like LightStream offer loans for medical financing at low-interest rates. Apply online to determine your monthly rate with no down payment and no fees.

Where Results Matter

Life Health and Research Center is the world leader in the use of whole-body hyperthermia for the treatment of Lyme Disease and Cancer. Our integrative treatment protocol is designed to naturally modulate your immune system with research-based integrative medical modalities to patients diagnosed with serious and complex medical conditions. At Life Health, our global technologies and personalized, proprietary treatments give way to science-based treatment options that help our patients outperform.

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