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Insights for Stress-Free Travel

Traveling To Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s common for many patients to feel anxious or overwhelmed by upcoming travel. There are many preparations required by medical tourism and a long-distance treatment program.

Out-of-Town Patient Resources

What better place to start your healing journey than the vacation destination of Salt Lake City, UT.  With over 500 restaurants and endless outdoor activities and every imaginable activity in between, your stay in Bountiful isn’t just about reaching physical health – but getting re-engaged in life!  From the majestic mountain views to the stunning sunsets, Utah is an excellent place to hit the reset button in all areas of your life and start new.

Local Hotels

We have made special arrangements with local 5-star travel agency Velocity Tours & Travel, which specializes in discount fares and rates as well as long term lodging.  They are available to handle all of your travel, lodging, and transportation needs.

We have arranged special corporate rates. Ask us how to get a corporate discount.

Airport Information

The Salt Lake City International (SLC) airport is the main airport for flying into Bountiful, UT, and becoming at the LIFE Health and Research Center.  The airport is approximately 15 minutes from LIFE Health and 15 airlines operate out of this location.  Some discount carriers, such as Southwest and Frontier also flight out of Sky Harbor.

Tickets and Itinerary

Most patients traveling by air to Bountiful arrive at the Salt Lake City International airport (SLC). To confirm your clinic stay, please forward the confirmed flight itinerary to your Patient Counselor as soon as possible.
We accommodate all arrivals and departures Monday through Friday. Please plan to arrive before 5 PM and depart after 11:30 AM.


We provide transportation from the airport upon arrival, back and forth from the clinic, and to the airport upon departure. We provide travel for your companion at no extra cost as long as their travel schedule is the same.

Car Rental

Just Breathe

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to pause for a few deep breaths, and remember that you’re not alone! We’re here every step of the way, and we’re happy to answer and address all your questions and concerns. If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve outlined, we assure you that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure a smooth travel experience.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Lindsay's Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Hyperthermia For Lyme Disease Treatment In United States
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Holistic Lyme Disease Treatment with Hyperthermia in Utah
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Hyperthermia Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Lyme Disease Treatment for Children Testimonial
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"Although I was diagnosed with late-stage prostate disease, I felt there had to be a better alternative than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation — with their damaging side effects. And I wanted a treatment program that would allow me to keep the personal and professional commitments I had made, while still dedicating the necessary time to the treatments. LIFE Health Centers allowed me to do that. Their treatment protocols required a substantial time commitment, but they have left me feeling better than I had in years, not worse, and the education and support I have received from the staff are priceless. With their coaching, I am now living an active, healthy lifestyle that is the best protection against any recurrence.

Clive from Utah, Cancer Patient

"I have been suffering from Lyme Disease and a myriad of other issues for over five years. I have spent over $30,000 in search of treatments that would make a difference and get my life back. Although many of the treatments helped, I was still not 100% and not able to work full time. Finding the LIFE Health Centers was a dream come true, I am so grateful for their services and sincere desire to help each person get well."

Rikki from Washington, Lyme Disease Patient

"As Lymies know, we experience something most people are unable to grasp. Coming into Life Health Centers felt like meeting with family, which I had never felt at other clinics—it’s therapeutic. As time passed I started to see massive results neurologically, physically, and in other ways. When my father saw me for the first time since starting treatment, he began to cry. I’ve never seen him cry before, which shows how this disease and my results can break down walls and change relationships. I have seen more changes in three weeks here than in the last ten years combined. Sunshine has entered my life again.”

Carly Davis (Professional Snowmobiler), Lyme Disease Patient
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