Your body accumulates toxins that can build up in your body over time and lead to poor health effects in the short and long term if left unchecked. Even if you eat right, exercise, and sleep for 8 hours a day, these toxins still exist in all of us.

The best way to get rid of this is with detoxification, which is a specialized procedure to ‘flush’ out any unwanted substances. Think of it as a regular waste disposal routine.

Your body has a very intelligent way of fighting disease. Given the right tools and conditions all cells in the body can be detoxed and made strong again. The best part is, you can do this without surgery and toxic chemicals.

Getting Rid of Metabolic Waste
You may be surprised at the possible symptoms associated with high toxicity in the body. Did you know that toxins even trigger auto-immune responses causing inflammation and autoimmune diseases? Toxins can cause your body to malfunction or can create dysfunction. There are many sources of toxicity, some are within our control and others aren’t.

Our modalities for detox include hyperthermia and hyperoxygenation.

Hyperthermia is the process of raising the body temperature by several degrees and thus affecting your fat cells to be moved around the body and flushed out.

Hyperoxygenation works by providing your body with a greater concentration of oxygen than is found in the air in order to promote circulation, allowing toxins to move around in your body instead of being ‘stuck’ in one part of your body. This movement forces them to be carried out by your circulatory system as waste.

Read some of the academic papers about this subject below:

Sauna as a Valuable Clinical Tool for Cardiovascular, Autoimmune, Toxicantinduced and other Chronic Health Problems
Detoxification in Naturopathic Medicine
Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury in Sweat: A Systematic Review


Medications including chemo and radiation
Toxic Foods
Toxic homes and environment
Heavy Metals including mercury fillings and vaccinations
Mother or pre-natal

Sugar Cravings
Low Energy
Bloating/ Gas
Caffeine Addiction
Mood Swings/ Irritability/ Anxiety
Brain Fog or Difficulty Concentrating
Fluid Retention
Migraines/ Frequent Headaches
Skin Irritation (Rash, Acne, Rosacia, Etc.)
Sensitivity to smell, light, sound
Low Immune System Function
Chronic Inflammatory Conditions (skin, joints, gut)

Q: What is detoxing?

A: A medically supervised treatment program designed to purge the body of unwanted or harmful substances and used as a first step in overcoming many health conditions. It is the fastest way to rid your body of substances that are detrimental to your health.

Q: What kind of drugs can detox help with?

A: Many drugs, such as alcohol, opioids, prescription drugs, and nicotine.

Q: I’m worried about how I will feel during the detox process.

A: There are many that may not feel any negative effects of detoxing, however, many will. If you are one of those, you may feel nausea, achy, fever, joint pain, and or headache.

The good news:

We’ve got ways to make it go quicker and assure die off/ waste/ junk is exiting your body efficiently. In fact, they are already built into our protocols. In addition, you can take solace in knowing the almost-flu-like feeling due to detox is generally short-term and may only last hours as opposed to the long-term residual effects of toxic treatments, which can last a lifetime. We do not shy away from the detox process and want you to know and understand its importance. For us, and for you, feeling yucky post-treatment is a great sign. This allows us to know we have affected physiology, the treatments are working and change is occurring. Among tests and imaging, the symptoms of detoxing are also a way for us to better understand how effective the treatments are. There are remedies you can incorporate at home that will allow you to manage the symptoms of detox and even feel more comfortable during the process. We can teach you about those.

Q: I’m concerned detoxing will release toxins to other areas, how will this affect me?

A: We definitely have the ability to get toxins on the move; that said, we also have very effective ways of getting them out of the system quickly. With other detox methods it is true the toxins become mobile but then become stuck or bound somewhere else. Lymphatic irrigation is key and targeting the whole body is essential.

Q: How do I know I’m detoxing?

A: With the doctor’s help and assessment we can determine if your “symptoms” are truly detox, typically they are nausea, achy, fever, joint pain, and or headache.

Q: Why is it important to eat clean while I’m detoxing?

A: Obviously if you are working to get rid of your toxic load it would make sense to only replenish with foods that are wholesome and good. Additionally, we will incorporate a detox food regime that will help with the detox. Did you know certain foods, herbs and other things actually accelerate and assist the process making it more smooth, tolerable and effective.

Q: Where are toxins stored?

A: Toxins can be stored almost any place, but epigenetic research and clinical evidence is showing that the majority of toxins are stored in adipose tissue—fat. While it may be safe to assume that if you are overweight you have a lot of toxins, this does not mean you must be overweight to have toxemia. Often we see very thin or low body weight/fat individuals test incredibly high in toxicity. It can be difficult to access toxins in the adipose tissue and draw them out, but with whole-body hyperthermia and G-force, we give toxins a run for their money.

Q: How will I feel after detoxing?

A: In general, once the detox process has occurred and the body has moved on, individuals often describe their feeling as euphoric or “light”—they just feel good. Many of the original symptoms subside and a person can carry on better than before.

Q: Why do I need to do all of the modalities offered at the clinic if all I need is to detox?

A: No matter who you are, where you live or what your situation is, detoxing is essential and the body’s natural elimination system. Obviously, we are in constant need of eliminating waste and unused or unnecessary products from our system. Our treatments are designed with this in mind. In fact, we find that many people have a sluggish “garbage disposal” and so have difficulty with detoxing. Sluggish bowels, skin conditions, headaches, insomnia, chest congestion, are all signs of inability to “take out the trash”. We have five main elimination organs, liver, kidneys, colon, skin and lungs. Our treatments are able to target and affect all of these areas. Whole-body hyperthermia thins the blood, and fat in the blood and tissues, allowing greater mobility and probably exit potential. G-Force literally squeezes cells by putting gravitational force on them, helping them eliminate—just like squeezing a lemon to extract juice.

Q: What can I do at home to help the process?

A: First and foremost, make sure you are drinking plenty of water on all treatment days as well as those you are not in the office. Water helps the body flush and eliminate toxic substance in the body. Secondly, you are encouraged to take a ginger and/or Epsom salt bath to help eliminate toxins through the skin, as it is our body’s largest detox organ. [Please check the front desk for instructions on detox baths]

Q: How long is the detox procedure?

A: The initial treatment is for 3 weeks, non-invasive and does not require the person to be admitted 24/7.