Health Pod

Attack disease from three different angles: pulse electro-magnetic fields, G-force, and hyper-oxygenation.

The tri-action environment of pulse magnetic field, while in an enriched oxygen environment and G-force, makes this protocol exciting and dynamic.”This medical treatment (modality) employs a superior additional new piece of alternative medical equipment. The procedure is designed to penetrate the body’s cellular pathways in a way that accelerates intra-cellular activity at levels which have not previously been available to the public except in research trials. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to increase cellular G-force.

The world’s awareness of this stimulating force along with PEMF came into focus through the research of our space programs. The acceleration of beneficial enzyme reactions is exponentially compounded when O2 (Oxygen) is infused into this modality.

Some of the benefits of the Health Pod technology:

  • Increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels in the body. This is the source of the energy used to fight off disease.
  • Drives fluid to the lymph pathways by way of dynamic force changes (expels toxins).
  • Manipulates an increase in circulation, thus driving nutrients to the cells, expelling toxins, increasing antioxidants which neutralizes free radicals, and stimulating cascading enzymic reactions.
  • Using a multitude of vibrational frequencies we are able to target specific tissues in the body; everything from gums and glands to the brain and nerves.
  • Increases and drives oxygen in the cells, tissues and organs
  • Instigates waste movement out of the cells, tissues and organs
  • Balances pH by increasing cellular alkalinity allowing for oxygen absorption
  • DNA repair
  • Releases chemical substrates that produce and activate enzymes and nitric oxide
  • Facilitates sodium and potassium ion exchange and communication in cells increasing their functionality and ability to repair and heal
  • Makes communication between the brain and body easier
  • Detoxing harmful metals
  • Target and eliminate microbes, bacteria and parasites
  • Growth of new blood cells including production of stem cells