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What to Do Before Seeing a Doctor for Hip Pain

If you are feeling pain in your hip, a doctor’s visit is likely a good idea. But while it’s always encouraged to seek a professional medical help for serious pain, there are still things you can do at home to identify and relieve pain without visiting a clinic. Here are some of the things to try before seeing a doctor. Is It Your Hip? The first thing to do is identify whether the pain is...
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High Body Temperature (Hyperthermia), Cardiac Arrest and Heat Shock Proteins

By Andrea Albieri, PhD – Senior Advisor Scientist at Life Health Centers The heat shock response is a highly conserved primitive and essential response for survival against a wide range of stresses, including Hyperthermia (extremes of temperature). Fever is a more recently evolved response. During fever, organisms raise their core body temperature and temporarily subject themselves to thermal stress when facing infections. The usual 2–3 °C increase in core body temperature during fever activates and utilizes elements of...
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Anaerobic cells, Inmune System and Hyperthermia: A Holistic Solution Based on Scientific Research (Cancer, Lyme disease, Bacterial co-infections, Chronic fatigue disorder, Fibromialgia)

For more information about hyperthermia, including a free consultation with a medical researcher, please contact: https://lifehealthcenters.com/contact/ Introduction It is known malignant cells, cancerous tissues and microbes are heat sensitive and that under certain conditions they can be selectively destroyed by heat. Systemic whole body hyperthermia (SWBH) heats the whole body to a temperature of 41.6°C (106°F) and above. SWBH is used principally in advanced stages of cancer and is also used as a metastatic prophylaxis in high...
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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help You Manage Pain

When you’re suffering from pain or injury, there are many ways to begin your relief and recovery process. The most common procedures are often surgery, pain medication, or even a combination of both. While pain medication and surgery have their uses, there is often another pain relief method that many have not considered: regenerative medicine.  One of the biggest reasons for stem cell therapy over other pain relief methods is its non-invasive nature. There’s no anaesthesia, no...
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Hyperthermia for Major Depressive Disorder

For more information about Hyperthermia please visit our website at www.lifehealthcenters.com or contact us at 385-336-7777. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Clemens W. Janssen and his collaborators conducted a very interesting study which was published in 2016 at JAMA Psychiatry. In this study they tested whether Whole-body Hyperthermia has specific antidepressant effects when compared with a sham condition and they also evaluated the persistence of the antidepressant effects of a single treatment.1 Current...
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This disease is more prevalent than breast cancer and is too often misdiagnosed

How much do you know about chronic Lyme disease? You may have heard of it in passing, but, like a majority of people, you couldn't tell your friends what Lyme disease is or what its symptoms are. The scary thing is that chronic Lyme disease is actually more common than most realize. Contact us at Life Health Centers to learn more about how we can help treat chronic conditions such as Lyme Disease. 1.5 times...
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6 critical things Zika and lyme disease have in common

News stories about the Zika virus affecting pregnant women in Florida, or precautions Olympic athletes had to take in Rio de Janeiro to prevent Zika from spreading further, intrigue us. It's no surprise, given that Zika has been declared to be a "global health security threat" for some time now. Call us at Life Health Centers to learn how we can help you treat chronic conditions such as Lyme Disease. What may be more alarming is that...
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Still sick? Chances are you’ve been misdiagnosed

What it's like living with chronic illness Chronic illness is more difficult to live with than most realize. Only those who suffer from chronic illness know the extreme pain and frustration of always being sick. It's not always the physical pain that makes every day difficult, but the emotional pain that comes from feeling constantly ill. It's draining and incredibly frustrating when you have to live with the uncertainty of how you'll feel tomorrow. Call...
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17 things only people with chronic disease understand

When you have a chronic disease, your version of normal is different from another person's. It can be frustrating to feel misunderstood. Here are 17 things that are your reality that most people are simply unaware of. Call us at Life Health Centers to learn about our chronic illness treatment options. 1. There's a period of mourning Even if your disease isn't fatal, it's killing life as you know it. It's normal for people to go...
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7 at-home remedies you’ve never heard of

When you feel ill, all you want is for the symptoms to stop immediately. Unfortunately, few remedies can stop disease or discomfort in its tracks, but there are a few that can reduce your symptoms and help you return to health more quickly, and you don't have to arrange a visit to the doctor to try out these simple home remedies. As always, however, if you have symptoms that persist or worsen, it's best to...
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