Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is perhaps the most missed or undiagnosed disease that both patients and doctors face today. We at Life Health Centers understand the difficulties and limited treatment options you face. Look no further as we invite you to embark on unique treatments that will not only rid your body of bacteria and infection but rebuild your body’s entire system at the core, allowing you to regain your life.

As Lymies know, we experience something most people are unable to grasp. Coming into Life Health Centers felt like meeting with family, which I had never felt at other clinics—it’s therapeutic. As time passed I started to see massive results neurologically, physically and in other ways. When my father saw me for the first time since starting treatment, he began to cry. I’ve never seen him cry before, which shows how this disease and my results can break down walls and change relationships. I have seen more changes in three weeks here than in the last ten years combined. Sunshine has entered my life again.”

— Carly Davis, Professional Snowmobiler

Lyme Disease, It’s Not So Invincible

A major problem with Lyme Disease is it is insidious, it can lie dormant in your body for several years before being suddenly triggered by stress or another illness. Mainstream medicine has had difficulty identifying the connection of your symptoms to a particular cause. Only about a third of those bitten by a tick actually show a bulls-eye rash and those that do are treated with antibiotics that have lasting side-effects and don’t always eradicate the disease; thus leaving diagnosis and treatment mediocre at best.

Discover the Life Health Centers difference and rid yourself of symptoms naturally and long term.

Articles About Our Treatments

In the past, research has indicated that you contract Lyme Disease solely through the bite of a dear tick. Although controversial, it has been suggested that Lyme Disease may be spread person to person whether sexually transmitted or from mother to fetus. There are many known cases of entire families having Lyme Disease, again indicating an alternate source of infection.

Additionally, although the CDC has made notable strides to better understand Lyme Disease, the data given is a shortsighted perception of the true extent of this disease, and it’s long-term ramifications. The CDC has also been unable to isolate all the ways the disease can spread including evidence showing the possibility of person-to-person contact.

Testing for Lyme disease through traditional methods, especially laboratory means, has been suspect at best. In the past, lab tests have been incorrectly reported to be 70% effective at identifying the disease. However, recent reports from the CDC indicate reported cases of Lyme disease have multiplied by over a thousand percent in the US (from 34,000 reported cases to over 334,000 cases) just in the past decade, and this may even be a substantial underestimate. This means the specificity of that test has been significantly reduced; and may now be as poor or inaccurate as 20% positive while missing as many as 80% of the cases.

Lyme Disease is often very difficult to identify or diagnose due to the vast symptomology that can and usually does occur. Lyme Disease mimics 300 different symptoms and diseases that are relative to other diagnoses. Generally, this leaves you grasping for answers as to what is causing your vast symptoms, pain and discomfort. The four most common symptoms of Lyme Disease are:

  • Joint Pain
    There are two types of joint pain associated with Lyme disease. One is superficial orthopedic pain usually located in the larger joints like hips and knees. The other is more difficult to assess and treat where the microbes and associated immune reactions are located in the connective tissue of the joints. You may get vague dispersed pain syndromes which are usually classified as arthritic conditions such as chronic pain syndrome or fibromyalgia.
  • Immune System Dysfunction
    When microbes are present in the body we often see a variety of immunological responses usually in the way of autoimmune conditions often due to unresponsive to antibiotic and prescription drug use. Often chronic conditions are “set-off” by a stressfull event or time in a person’s life which inevitably lowers the immune system response and allows the microbes to gain momentum and for the first time symptoms become evident or more pronounced. In some patients, we are able to note that immune deficiencies manifest themselves through chronic bacterial and viral infections or an inability to heal or recover properly.
  • Gastrointestinal or Gut Issues
    Notorious for it’s abundance of GI disturbances, Lyme disease most often effects patients on a daily basis through a roller coaster of gut conditions. Everything from bloating and constipation to leaky gut and Crohn’s disease. What individuals don’t realize is that any level of gut disfunction severely prohibits your body’s immune system, causing it to be sluggish or even ineffective. About 75% of our immune system is housed in the lining of our gut. Chronic GI issues like fit under the umbrella of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and others will often lead to a leaky gut situation where nutrition is not being absorbed and bacteria is being “leaked” into the blood stream. Often with Lyme Disease we see specific organs being effected and getting sick with conditions such as pancreatitis diverticulitis and others. The first place to start when treating any condition is ALWAYS the gut.
  • Neurological Disorders
    Possibly the most startling and hardest expression of Lyme disease is the decline in a variety of neurological functions. Again, the range can be broad and vast making it increasingly difficult to perform daily activities as well as the development of serious conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and ALS. Very often we hear of simple yet very debilitating complaints such as brain fog, difficulty remembering things, focusing, buzzing in the head, vision changes, and so forth. Absolutely, without hesitation we see an enormous link between Lyme Disease and neurological disorders such as ADD, ADHDA and autism. Between the GI challenges and neurological variances in these patients, there is obvious reason to assess the possibility of Lyme Disease.As one of the most prevalent symptoms of Lyme, insomnia ranks in the top five. However, we generally consider this to be another form of neurological disorder being caused by the Lyme or it’s confections. As mentioned, symtomology range is wide including difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep or feeling rested after long periods of sleep.

One of the greatest protective mechanisms within the human body is the blood-brain barrier (BBB); a network of cells within our blood, given the specific task of protecting the brain from unwanted and harmful substances. Just think about the miraculous and divine structure of our body and the built-in “gate” to protect one of our most prized assets—truly spectacular.

One of the largest concerns with Lyme disease is the reality that Lyme bacteria and its co-infections can pass through and deconstruct the BBB causing intense neurological symptoms and even permanent damage. In fact, some researchers have linked Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS to Lyme disease and consider lesions on the brain to be the evidence of spirochetes in the brain.

Although many Lyme protocols and treatments can be effective in supporting the brain and nerves to hopefully minimize the damage, very few have the potential to repair the BBB and even fewer treatments have any optimism towards reversing neurological damage.

Life Health Centers attributes much of its success with Lyme patients due to the fact that we see significant evidence supporting the improvement and closure of the BBB. We see this through obvious changes in a person’s cognitive, emotional, and logical abilities as well as increased memory and focus capabilities. Patients note increased ability to have deeper and more meaningful conversations, ability to concentrate and stability with depression, anxiety and other neurological conditions. Sleep improves dramatically and the ability to dream is restored.

We also support years of research done on the effects of PEMF on nerve tissue; implying one of the only known modalities with potential to repair and regenerate nerve tissue. This result is compounded when considering the BBB is repaired and again doing its job to protect the brain. No longer is Neurological Lyme an issue for many of our patients.

Q: With so many revolving symptoms and years of illness, are you able to target all of my issues?

A: We believe and rely heavily in the body’s intrinsic intelligence that will utilize natural resources as needed to increase function and rid the body of unwanted substances. Our modalities are designed to artificially replicate or motivate these processes in the body. With that, we cannot predict where the body will decide to do it’s work, but we do have confidence in our ability to target the whole body implying we have great effect on any symptom or system.

Q: Can I be “cured” of Lyme disease?

A: You can absolutely become A-symptomatic. However, as with all people recovering from any chronic condition, staying healthy long term always requires commitment to a healthy lifestyle, stress management and nutrition. We aim to help teach you how to do that, long term.

Q: Will I experience a Herxheimer reaction or detox with your treatments?

A: As is custom with Lyme patients and Lyme treatments, Herxing is possible. However, we see very little in comparison to many other treatment options due to our ability to move carnage and die-off so effectively and efficiently. The Orchestra of Modalities at Life Health Centers is unique in that it offers specific combinations and sequencing for higher potential, truly making it an art as well as science, which increase the intensity and power. We look to detox symptoms as a great sign we are moving in the right direction.

Q: Does your treatment target biofilms?

A: Absolutely! We are proud of the success we see due to Whole-Body Hyperthermia to allow massive impact on biofilms stored in the blood and tissues—including the brain. In addition we utilize specific catalyzing nutrients to help break biofilms down and eliminate it.

Q: I also have MTHFR, will that be effected with these treatments?

A: As MTHFR inhibits one’s ability to detox, our treatments are a great resource for those suffering. Mimicking very powerful detox capability, the G-Force and Health Pod allow those with MTHFR to not only restore some function, but may even eliminate the issue all together.

Our treatments include whole-body hyperthermia, which helps by increasing the body temperature to detoxify the body from the bacteria.

This works in conjunction with the health pod, which provides patients with oxygen at greater concetrations to help the body fight off disease by increasing ATP and boosting the circulatory system.

Hyperthermia Suit
Health Pod
Lymphatic Irrigation (G-Force)
Systemic Hyper-Oxygenation
Catalyzing Nutrition