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The following information may be used by a qualified health professional in their own clinical decision making process.

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  • Supporting health and nutrition at the root cause based upon unique individual differences and needs.
  • Using a scientific approach testing DNA using a Your Genomic Resource saliva test kit.
  • Understanding an individual’s DNA (a molecule hereditary material in humans and carries genetic information used for growth and development).
  • Measuring DNA helps us to understand the genes passed from parent to child.
  • Looking at genetic variants that occurred when an existing cell divided to make a new cell and its genetic instructions were copied incorrectly which lead to variations in the DNA sequence – known as a single nucleotide polymorphism SNP (pronounced “snip”).
  • Knowing everyone is susceptible in their own unique way to genetic variants, though most SNPs do not cause any observable differences but location and total number may influence one’s responses to their health approach.
  • Understanding how we are making and using proteins & enzymes that are critical components to rebuild and repair our cells.
  • Giving us a wealth of information as to how our body produces antioxidants, uses many needed nutrients and also assess its ability to detoxify. We now have the ability to take proactive, rather than reactive action in supporting our health.
  • Viewing lab results and filling out a comprehensive symptom survey can reveal if genetic SNPs are being expressed.
  • SNPs being expressed can give us clues where to support and compensate with nutritional supplementation.
  • Prioritizing a nutritional protocol specific for each individual.

Your Genomic Resource Saliva Test Kit

  • A saliva DNA test kit exclusively for use with the Functional Genomic AnalysisTM software program. Private, practical and personalized.
  • These do not provide ancestry data or information.
  • We never use personal information. Calculated numerical data is used for research purposes only and for anyone who desires to participate will be required to sign an agreement.

Nutritional Products

  • Professional Health Products/Nutritional Specialties, Inc., a company that clinically formulates nutritional supplements, to potentially compensate for Epigenetics. This line of items is designed exclusively for health care professionals to meet their client’s individualized needs based upon genetic expression.
  • The product name for Professional Health ProductsTM’ epigenetic line is MethylGenetic NutritionTM, and thus the product name is protected under trademarked status. The full name and proper format of MethylGenetic Nutrition should not be used by a practice to refer to their own service offering, as this spelling and formulation of the words is trademark protected by Professional Health ProductsTM.

The NutriGenetic Research Institute has helped further our mission of using genetics to help people achieve wellness. Using scientific based research about genomics and nutritional ingredients has catapulted insights into the genomic world.