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What is PEMF?

High-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation allows noninvasive treatment of tissue without heat. In 1979 the FDA approved the use of PEMFs for bone growth stimulation and afterwards, the range of possible applications has been widened. (1)

Electromagnetic stimulation of tissues can be obtained by means of electrodes directly in contact with the skin or by generators placed near the body. (2)

PEMF stimulation has been studied and proposed for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon, and ligament. Several preclinical studies have shown PEMF activity as an anti- inflammatory and anti-apoptotic therapy in musculoskeletal tissues, in ischemic infarct, and others impairment conditions. (2, 3)

Studies have also observed PEMF properties in modulating inflammatory pain mechanisms affecting cell function through mechanical action on both the intracellular and plasma membrane levels, which includes ion channels, receptors, cytokines, and enzymes the downregulation of peripheral inflammatory pain modulators. (4)

Overall, the ultimate mechanism of action of PEMF can be identified by their influence on the ion balance, membrane exchanges at the cellular level, and on adenosine receptors, whose activation produces several anti-inflammatory responses. (2)

In this sense, PEMF has shown improvement of the activities of SOD, catalase, GPx, and GSH, which are components that protect the cell from oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species. (5)

What can PEMF treat?

One of the most effective uses for PEMF at Life Health Centers is for Lyme disease, a chronic condition that affects many and can seriously affect one’s quality of life when left untreated.

PEMF is an effective treatment for Lyme disease that has been used throughout Europe for decades to heal bone fractures, treat depression, reduce swelling and pain, promote blood circulation and stimulate the immune system. (6)

Lyme disease patients present highly debilitating symptoms, and the major one is pain. Patients take narcotics or NSAIDs for pain relief, on the top of a massive amount of antibiotics. Unfortunately, these pain relievers may be addictive and can become hazardous to health. However, several patients seem to be refractory to the treatments. In this scenario, pulsed electromagnetic fields, whose effectiveness in the control of various painful and inflammatory disorders is well assessed, show interesting and promising properties. There are no adverse side effects to PEMFs best treatment for Lyme disease. (6)

  • PEMF increases circulation: Blood circulation is said to be affected and normalized. Loaded particles in the bloodstream are said to oscillate in the rhythm of the frequency.
  • PEMF improves oxygenation: Many studies demonstrate an increase in the oxygen content of the blood. Cell membrane potential is said to be normalized. General exhaustion of the body, caused by stress or chronic disease, will reduce the cell’s membrane potential and if this potential approach the zero level, the cell dies. PEMF may be an effective treatment to enhanced tissue oxygenation. (8)
  • PEMF reduces pain and inflammation
  • PEMF helps heal soft-tissue wounds: Facing all these information, PEMF shows to be a great treatment for Lyme disease because it sends magnetic pulses through the tissue stimulating cellular repair. Channels in the cell are opened, nutrients get access into the cells, and cells can get rid of waste quicker.
  • PEMF stimulates the immune system: Beyond anti-inflammatory applications of pulsed electromagnetic field are also immunological studies showing that PEMF, even low-intensity PEMF, can interact with cells on the immune system, like phagocytic cells. Even extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF-EMF) plays a role in decreasing the growth rate of bacteria. (10)

Interest in PEMF therapy has increased rapidly in recent years due to its advantages over other treatments. Benefits include low cost, ready availability, ease of localized application, few if any side effects, and indefinite shelf life. (11)

Healing at the Molecular Level

At the body’s molecular level, each atom contains outer electrons (valence electrons) that roughly orbit the nucleus in varying paths. An external electromagnetic pulse gives the valence electrons a shove intensifying their action which consequently enhances and improves molecular action. By influencing the electrons’ orbital trajectory, this effect on the cells greatly increase their chemical reactions. The body can then produce more ATP that gives the necessary energy to the cell enabling the cell to function at a higher capacity.

When an injury occurs, the body’s nervous system and cells that surround the nervous system navigate a negative electromagnetic field at the site of injury for healing. It must maintain the negative magnetic field in order for healing to occur. A negative magnetic field is alkalizing. We have to have the alkalinized area for healing to occur because you cannot have oxygen in an acidic medium. Most of the benefits associated with the pulse magnetic field will be enhanced while working within the static magnetic field.

The Effects of Using Life Health Centers’s Pulsed Magnetic Frequency Modality

  1. Blood circulation is effected and normalized.
    Loaded particles in the bloodstream will oscillate in the rhythm of the pulsed magnetic frequency. This can reduce friction and flow resistance in narrow capillaries. Perfusion (blood circulation) increases, and at the same time, the diffusion rate for oxygen and carbon dioxide increases.
  2. Oxygen partial pressure increases.
    All studies demonstrated a dramatic increase in the oxygen content of the blood, up to 80%.
  3. Cell membrane potential is normalized.
    General exhaustion of the body, caused by stress or chronic disease, will reduce the cell’s membrane potential (usually between 70 to 90 mV). If this potential approaches the zero level, the cell dies. A cell uses 50% of its energy to maintain this potential. The QRS system, with its patented ion transport technology enables the selective movement of protons (H+ ions), which will then be retargeted at the cell membrane. In this way, the membrane will be hyperpolarized and the membrane potential normalized.
  4. Calcium influx enters the cell.
    Through increased concentration of H+ ions in the membrane area, pH value is reduced near the membrane. This leads to the release of calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane. Unbound calcium flows into the cell core and triggers numerous metabolic reactions. Macrophages (tissue cells functioning as protection against infections) are activated and therefore the immune system is strengthened. Metabolism is activated and nitric oxide, a potent vessel enlarger, is produced. In addition, cytogenesis (structure, function, and multiplication of the cells) is stimulated.These four results constitute the basic effect of pulsating magnetic fields. Oxygen, the elixir of life, without which we could not exist, is increased in the blood and also transported faster to our cells. Cells are stabilized through regenerated membrane potential and activated through the calcium influx. Activation and strengthening of the cells and increased oxygen support the body in its fight against disease.


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