Danielle, UT

Scott, New South Wales, Australia

Lyme Disease has ruined my life. I caught it when I was 40 and I’m 55 now. It ruins a father-son relationship. I surfed, fished, dived, and rode horses, and now I couldn’t teach my son. I could hardly walk. It was frustrating and painful. It kept getting worse and worse. You can beat this disease if you never give up. I’ve been able to do things I haven’t done in years. It’s amazing to walk, talk, go swimming, and enjoy life.

Coming to the Life Health Centers is like coming home.You are their priority and they are so knowledgeable. You’ll always have people helping you at every step of the way. How I arrived three weeks ago and how I am now is like night and day. It’s like being with your brothers and sisters. They’ll be friends for life.

Liz, MI

Kirk, WA

I got all of my energy back, I’m not feeling sore at all. I can do things I haven’t done in two years. At the first treatment, I couldn’t do anything. No, I just got back and feel better. I feel like I’m healed.

Mallory, UT

Angel, WA

My son was diagnosed with Lyme Disease for two and a half years. A boy went from completely healthy to arthritis, asthma, and needed psychiatric care. Everyone here is friendly, accepting, and understanding.

Lyndsey, AL

Everyone has been very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable with Lyme Disease and the modalities used to treat it. I have felt wonderful so far. I haven’t felt this good in over a year, and I’m only three days into the treatment.

LIFE Health Center Bountiful, Utah - Lyme Treatment - Cancer TreatmentClive, Utah

Although I was diagnosed with late-stage prostate disease, I felt there had to be a better alternative than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation — with their damaging side effects. And I wanted a treatment program that would allow me to keep the personal and professional commitments I had made, while still dedicating the necessary time to the treatments.

The FAR Clinic allowed me to do that. Their treatment protocols required a substantial time commitment, but they have left me feeling better than I had in years, not worse, and the education and support I have received from the staff is priceless. With their coaching, I am now living an active, healthy lifestyle that is the best protection against any recurrence.

LIFE Health Center Bountiful, Utah - Lyme Treatment - Cancer TreatmentRikki, Washington

I have been suffering from Lyme Disease and a myriad of other issues for over five years. I have spent over $30,000 in search of treatments that would make a difference and get my life back. Although many of the treatments helped, I was still not 100% and not able to work full time. Finding the FAR Clinic was a dream come true, I am so grateful for their services and sincere desire to help each person get well.